This Springfield public tv station began broadcasting in 1985 and is licensed to the West Central Illinois Educational Telecommunications Corporation. Located elsewhere within these pages you will find our mission statement available for your information, as well as the mission statement of PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service.

This station is one of 346 public television affiliates in the United States. Of the 172 licensees for PBS member stations, 22 are state licensees, 56 are university licensees, 83 are community licensees, and 11 are considered local authorities. We are a community licensed, viewer supported, public television station.

Read more on our history here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_Knowledge

Vision, Mission, & Goals

Our vision is:
To be broadly recognized for excellence in Public Television.

Our mission is:
To collaborate with people and organizations in the communities we serve to bring quality programming, learning opportunities and economic development to our region.

1. To deliver a service known for Excellence in Programming.
2. To be recognized as an Educational Institution with resources integral to the needs of the region.
 a. Primarily, to have an impact on reading by children pre-K thru 5th grade.
 b. Additionally, to have an impact on the lifelong learning of adults.
3. To increase Community Involvement.
4.To Broaden and Enhance Visibility and Recognition.
5. To ensure continued Financial Viability.

A Safe Place For Your Children to Watch Television. Serving all of West Central Illinois with the finest programming for education and entertainment.